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What is the reuse value of aluminum alloy?


Because the composition of aluminum alloy is not pure, cutting processing in the doping of impurities are more. Need to pay attention to improve the collection method, looking for scrap aluminum smelting furnace enterprises. Enough is worth recycling.

When aluminum castings are mached, the chip accounts for about 20% of the weight of the casting. Recycling aluminum chips from machining process can reduce production cost and has good economic benefit.

Aluminum scrap recovery work should be the following points:

(1) when the workpiece of a material grade is processed, it should be received in time to prevent aluminum chips from mixing. Recycling, should take part in the cutting of various machine tool chassis in the aluminum chip to clean up the part;

(2) Recycled aluminum scraps should be piled up in the storage yard in strict accordance with the grade classification and semicolon, and the type and grade of aluminum scraps should be marked. When conditions permit, it should be remelted in time to avoid mixing;

(3) should avoid sand, cotton yarn and other sundry mixed with aluminum chips.


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