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What are the uses of zinc in agriculture


Zinc can be made into zinc fertilizer and used in agriculture, the main roles are:

(1) Promote cotton yield increase. Zinc fertilizer is a component of some enzymes and some coenzymes. Enzymes mainly exist in the chloroplasts of plants, which can enhance leaf photosynthesis and facilitate the accumulation of dry matter.

(2) promote the growth of cotton. Zinc fertilizer is involved in the synthesis of auxin in crops. If plants lack auxin, their growth will be very weak, or even difficult to grow.

(3) promote cotton flowering and bolling. Zinc has a strong effect on the reproductive organs of crops. Zinc element determines the size and strength of pollen. Generally, it is a better choice to apply zinc fertilizer and boron fertilizer formula before cotton buds appear.

(4) improve the resistance of cotton. Zinc can stabilize crop respiration to some extent, improve crop stress resistance, regulate crop absorption of phosphate fertilizer, and make a large amount of inorganic phosphorus (inorganic phosphorus is very difficult to absorb) accumulate in crops.

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