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Introduction of copper wire recycling products


I. Copper wire recovery objects:

For hotels, shopping malls, hotels, factories, docks, schools, companies, Banks, airports, customs, Internet cafes, government offices, schools, hospitals, supermarkets, entertainment sites, construction sites and other recycling of all waste products and materials.

Ii. Introduction of copper wire recycling products

Good conductivity, a large number of wire, cable, brush, etc. Good thermal conductivity, commonly used to make magnetic equipment, instruments, such as compass, aviation instruments, etc. Excellent plastic, easy to hot and cold pressure processing, can be made into tubes, bars, wires, strips, strips, plates, foil and other copper materials. Pure copper products smelting and processing products two.

Material: T1, T2, T3... T8, C1100, C5111, C5101, C5191, C5210, TU1, TP1, TP2, TAg0.08, TAg0.1, C1100, C1201, C1220, C1271, C2100, C2200, C2300, C2400, C2600, C2680, C2700, C2720, C2801, H62, H62, H63, H65, H68, H70, H80, H85, H90, H96, etc. Gauge: Wire diameter: 0.01-15.0mm. Hardness: O, 1/2H, 3/4h, H, EH, SH, etc.

Three, copper wire recycling product parameters

Copper wire is divided into: brass, red copper, phosphorus and copper

Material: Brass wire (65% copper, 35% zinc)

Copper wire (pure copper 99.8%) Phosphorous copper wire (copper 85-90%, tin 55-15%)

Four, copper wire recovery product performance

Tensile strength: 315

Elongation: 30

Note: Tensile mechanical properties at room temperature for wires other than those used for locking and bell making

Sample size: diameter >2.0 ~ 4.0

The use of copper wire recycling products

Application: widely used in industrial filtration, petroleum, chemical, printing and other industries

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