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Waste copper wire recycling factory


Hebei Zhoutian metal materials sales Co., LTD. Is a professional enterprise engaged in scrap metal recycling and processing. The company's main products are: aluminum ingots, bars, scraps, sheet, magnesium ingots, lead ingots, zinc ingots, tin ingots, antimony ingots, cadmium ingots, copper ingots and so on. Products are exported to Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Central and South America, Europe and other countries and regions.

First, the introduction of the recovery of pure copper wire

Copper, the most widely used conductor material, is relatively cheap with large yields.

The advantage is that the resistivity is small and easy to be machined. The disadvantage is that the common copper impurity is generally stable.

Silver is a high quality conductive medium with low yield and high price. The advantage is very low resistivity and high frequency signal conduction is superior to low frequency signal conduction. Disadvantage is not easy to process, poor stability.

Alloys are generally copper plated silver, copper coated silver, copper silver tin, copper silver gold and other alloys. The advantage is stability good personality can play a variety of metal advantages. Disadvantage is not easy to process.

Carbon fiber is a new conductor material with low yield and high price. The advantage is environmental protection, stability is very good personality is bright. The disadvantage is that the resistivity is slightly larger and difficult to process.

Second, the recovery of pure copper wire

TPC electrolytic copper, 2N OFC anaerobic copper, LC-OFC long crystal, anaerobic copper 4N-6N, OCC single crystal anaerobic copper, functional perfect copper, solid smooth copper, high purity solid smooth copper, wire structure.

The horizontal arrangement of the positive and negative conductors and the negative conductors in parallel strike small signal lines are basically passive shielding, which is mostly used for the simple structure of ordinary wires and easy to produce.

Conductor helical twisted arrangement of twisted core structure small signal lines basically use passive shielding, mostly used for sound wire structure is simple and easy to produce actual line length is greater than the length of finished wire mechanical strength, improve the anti-vibration can also offset part of the low frequency signal crosstalk.

The scope of pure copper wire recovery

Long-term for small and medium enterprises, large factories, power plants, foundries, processing plants, steel rolling, plant, oil refineries, chemical plants, cement plants, steel mills, smelting, electronics factory, food factory, electroplating factory, refrigeration equipment factory, electric factory, textile factory, brewery, government agencies, hotels, shopping malls, railway stations, airports, docks, sino-foreign joint venture enterprises, taiwan-funded enterprises, telecom, mobile, netcom, railcom, subway, power supply companies, construction sites and recycling all kinds of copper scrap products such as family.


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