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What are the classification and characteristics of lead ingot


Lead ingot is divided into large ingot and small ingot. The ingot is a rectangular trapezoid with bunched grooves at the bottom and protruding ears at both ends. The large ingot is trapezoid, with T - shaped convex block at the bottom, and hanging slots on both sides.

Lead ingots are rectangular, with protruding ears at both ends, blue white metal, soft. The density is 11.34g/cm3 and the melting point is 327.

1. The surface of lead ingot shall not have slag, particulate oxygen, inclusions and foreign pollution.

2. Lead ingots shall not have cold compartments, and shall not have flying burrs larger than 10mm (trimming is allowed).

Test method: Arbitration analysis method for chemical composition of lead ingot shall be conducted according to the provisions of GB/T4103 "Chemical Analysis Method for Lead and Lead alloy".

Lead ingot mark:

1. Each lead ingot is cast or printed with the trademark and lot number.

2. The lead ingot shall be marked with paint that is not easy to fall off. The color and parts of the mark shall comply with the provisions.

3. Each bundle of lead ingots shall be marked with the name of the manufacturer, the name of the product, the brand number, the lot number and the net weight.

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