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What are the USES of lead ingots


  Hebei zhoutian metal material sales co., LTD is a professional enterprise engaged in scrap metal recycling and processing. The following is greatHome to introduce the lead ingot related product knowledge, specific analysis is as follows:

Lead ingot marks:

1. Cast or print the trademark and batch number on each lead ingot.

2. The lead ingots shall be marked with paint that is not easy to fall off, and the colors and parts of the marks shall conform to the regulations.

3. Each bundle of lead ingots shall have an eye-catching label that is not easy to fall off, indicating the manufacturer, product name, brand number,

Lot number and net weight.

Use of lead ingots:

Mainly used in the manufacture of batteries, coatings, warheads, welding materials, chemicals lead salt, cable sheath, bearing materialsMaterial, caulking material, pap alloy and X - ray protective material, etc.brand

Lead ingots are divided into five grades by chemical composition. The most commonly used refined lead on the market is Pb99.

The single weight of ingot can be 48kg3kg, 42kg2kg, 40kg2kg, 24kg1kg.

The single weight of large spindle can be: 950 kg50kg, 500 kg25kg.

Packing: small ingots are packed with a belt that does not rust easily. Large ingots supply with bare ingots.

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