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What is the structure of lead ingots


Lead ingots are divided into large ingots and small ingots. The ingot is rectangular trapezoid, with a groove for baling at the bottom and protruding ears at both ends. The large ingot is trapezoid with a t-shaped convex block at the bottom and a grasping and lifting groove on both sides.

Lead ingots are rectangular, with protruding ears at both ends, blue and white metal, soft. Density 11.34g/cm3, melting point 327

1. Molten slag, oxygen particles, inclusions and foreign pollution shall not be found on the surface of the lead ingots.

2. The lead ingots shall not have cold insulation, and shall not have flash burrs greater than 10mm (trimming is allowed).

Test method: the method of chemical composition arbitration analysis of lead ingot shall be carried out in accordance with GB/T4103 "method of chemical analysis of lead and lead alloys".

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